I’ve got a Spicy Shelf ya’ll!

I am not being paid by nor am I affiliated with Spicy Shelf.

I enjoy being in the kitchen most of the time which is great because if I’m like most of you- we don’t have much of a choice!  Last year consisted of me trying out several things in an effort to eat better. I tried Weight Watchers Feb-April, meal order from Hello Fresh May-June & the famous Keto diet from about August-October. Overall I actually enjoyed every one and was super excited that each gave me new recipes to try and more confidence in the kitchen. It also helps that my boyfriend will eat whatever I put in front of him so he was a real trooper. I’ve probably made only about 3 things in our past 2 years together he admits he didn’t like. So you could say my batting average is pretty high!

So cooking a lot = many spices which leads us to why I desperately needed the Spicy Shelf.  Mine were housed in a narrow & far reaching cupboard. Every time I tried to reach for one I had to either pull every spice out or they would be flying out of the cupboard this and that way. It drove me absolutely batty! For months I would ‘GRRR’ and ‘ARGH’ while cooking and baking, sometimes throwing the spices across the room out of rage.

I knew what I needed after all, any organization freak can imagine a world where everything is stacked and labeled and perfect. In my head I pictured tiny shelves in my shelves. However, I didn’t know such a thing existed. Seeing this every day occurrence and telling my boyfriend what I envisioned got him to agree to make me such a thing. Months passed however and the same stupid spice bottles kept piling up (and falling out) my stupid narrow cupboard.

One day I decide to google something along the lines of ‘shelf organizer’ and low and behold I found the product of my dreams! It was a Saturday and we already had a trip to Target planned. I had received a giftcard from my sister as a birthday gift and knew exactly what I wanted to spend it on! After I got it home and opened the box and saw all the many pieces, I decided this would be better left as a Sunday morning project.

The following morning with coffee in hand and feelings of both excitement and apprehension, I sat down at the kitchen table and dumped out the box.

As I un-wrapped each piece I read over the directions, watched Spicy Shelf videos on youtube and visited spicyshelftips.com.  Really once you read the directions it makes absolute sense. I did not find them hard to follow at all. The hardest part of this whole process was figuring out where to move my spices and how (out of the many options) to configure my Spicy Shelf. Not to mention the mess of clearing out the cupboards in preparation…

Once I figured out the width I needed, I put on the extra slides & then the legs. The pieces were easy to slide and snap together and overall the shelves are very sturdy. One leg piece had a scratch on it but overall I am happy with the look and production of the pieces too. From start to finish I was in my kitchen for about 2 hours. I threw on a couple of my favorite podcasts and got lost in my Sunday project. When I was done I felt proud and accomplished! It’s been several weeks since I did this and my boyfriend even agrees in how much better our “cupboard experience” is now.  I will definitely be buying another one for my hall closet to organize my beauty products & medicine.

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