Bombay & Cedar Feb 2019 Indulge Box

I was really excited to receive this box! I wanted the January one, and read that if I went on and ordered it by the 12th of the month – I’d be in. Unfortunately they were sold out by the time I ordered mine. So I felt like I had been waiting forever to get one!

The only “drawback” I felt when ordering was I used a code I found online to get $7 off. The day after I ordered the Feb. box, I saw on MSA, a coupon code for a free essential oil travel bag valued at $20. I contacted their customer support to ask if there was any way I could get the bag and was told I could not. I would have much rather paid the extra $7 and gotten the bag instead. BUT I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes!

I have really been getting into Essential Oils the last couple months, so that was one of the biggest draws to me with this box. It seems like all the other reviews I have watched and read, the items always seem like things I would buy myself if I was out shopping.

I read on their website they ship between the 15-20th so every day this week I was logging on to see if I had a tracking number. My box stayed at the “unfulfilled” every day, so imagine my delight when I got home Friday to find this pretty pink box sitting outside my front door!

Watch my short & sweet opening for the items. I’m pretty pumped about this box and will definitely be ordering another!

Watch here:

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